CSR & Sustainable Development


AFEA believes that environmental protection and the implementation of an Environmental Policy are cornerstones of responsible business conduct and contribution of businesses to Sustainable Development.  

We strive to eliminate all negative impacts that occur due to our activities to environment and increase the positive ones. Our Vision for the future is the natural environment to be in a better condition after our activities, than before.  

Through its Environmental Policy, AFEA Management commits to protecting the environment and more specifically to:

• Save energy and eliminate air emissions  
• Eliminate the use of materials and natural resources during the daily activities  
• Implement recycling practices aiming to eliminate waste  
• Implement environmental criteria when selecting suppliers  
• Design and offer services which incorporate environmental protection and to promote practices of responsible behavior and sustainable consumption. 
• Effectively train the staff in environmental policy issues  
• Take all necessary proactive measures to protect the environment.  

To achieve these targets, AFEA management commits to providing all necessary resources in order for the Environmental Policy to be implemented. Aditionally, AFEA is committed to the continuous improvement of its performance in terms of environmental protection.

Environmental Policy covers all AFEA’s activities and responsible for the implementation is the Communication and Sales Manager.

Environmental Policy is communicated to all staff, subcontractors / partners and suppliers of the company.