Athens will try to seduce you right from the beginning of your trip. From Acropolis area to the elite shores of the Athenian Riviera, from Lycabettus Hill to Piraeus, the city will offer amazing accommodation, exquisite restaurants, varying from traditional Greek taverns to Michelin-star restaurants, and night life.  Popular culture to art and design, entertainment well as the endless stream of events year round, there is always something to interest you in the historical capital of Europe which is considered to be a top choice for cosmopolitan travelers year after year.
  • Walk through the narrow cobblestone streets in Plaka and visit Acropolis and Acropolis Museum. 
  • Capture your memories at the southern coast of Attica, at Cape Sounio, with a sunset view. 
  • Walk in Varvakios market, one of the oldest and most colorful markets in Greece and the most vibrant commercial point in Athens.
  • Meet new Greek designers at their boutiques down town to get a glimpse of their latest creations or visit the great department stores in the city centre or in the suburbs
  • Visit one of the numerous museums, covering the full range of ancient and modern art and culture

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