1st CRS International Congress, 27 - 28 May 2015, Athens


The 1st CRS International Congress will take place in Athens from the 27th to the 28th May 2015 in Aegli Zappiou. The Congress is organized by the Greek Local Chapter of the Controlled Release Society (CRS). The congress program includes both small molecules (innovative drugs-generics) and biotechnological drugs-biosimilars in parallel sessions. The program on small molecules includes drug discovery and design, drug delivery and nanotechnology, pharmacokinetic-pharmacodynamic and pharmacogenomics studies for the rational therapeutic use of drugs. In parallel, the recent developments in the basic research of biotechnologically produced macromolecules such as dynamic configuration of proteins, formulation of biotechnological molecules, proteomics, therapeutic targeting of biological pathways and biomarkers will be discussed; also, applied aspects of the clinical practice of biotechnological drugs like the interchangeability of biotechnological drugs and biosimilars, the optimization of therapeutic use of monoclonal antibodies in oncology and rheumatology along with the health economics of biotechnological medicines and biosimilars will be presented. Eminent world-wide scientists are listed among the confirmed speakers. In order to guarantee the quality of future research and new practical applications, a dialogue between experienced colleagues, young scientists and professionals will be encouraged. AFEA Travel and Congress Services is the official PCO for the 1st CRS International Congress.