Silver EcoVadis Medal for ΑFEA


AFEA received the Silver EcoVadis Medal from EcoVadis for its Sustainability and Corporate Social Responsibility Strategy and performance, and as a result is ranked among the top 25% of companies from all sectors worldwide assessed by Ecovadis for their responsible business practices. To celebrate the completion of the assessment, EcoVadis will be planting a tree on behalf of AFEA through the organizations’ partnership with One Tree Planted.

Throughout the period 2020 - 2022, AFEA designed, developed and implemented an integrated Sustainability & Corporate Social Responsibility strategy in cooperation with AIPHORIA Consulting, with the aim to identify and manage issues related to relevant practices. The results of AFEA's intensive efforts in the field of Corporate Social Responsibility are significant, accredited by third-party assessment platforms such as EcoVadis. 

EcoVadis is a collaborative platform enabling companies to monitor sustainable performance of their suppliers. Its methodology covers annually over 100,000 companies from 200+ sectors, 175+ countries and 21 CSR and sustainability performance areas. The system analyzes and evaluates a company’s performance over four major categories: Environment, Labor and Human rights, Ethics and Sustainable Procurement.

As part of AFEA’s Sustainability & Corporate Social Responsibility strategy, a number of actions were carried out, such as: 
Development and communication of AFEA’s Vision, Mission and Values 
Stakeholders’ identification and mapping to better engage with internal and external stakeholders and to address the decision-making management efficiently.
Employee training and awareness raising on Corporate Social Responsibility, Sustainable Development and Environmental Management issues.
Development and implementation of the Environmental Policy, Policy on Labour Practices and Human Rights and Code of Conduct which are communicated to all staff, subcontractors/partners and suppliers of the company.
Development of a service on the organization of Sustainable Events. 

AFEA is a member of CSR Hellas Network and a signatory of the United Nations Global Compact, as part of the Corporate Social Responsibility & Sustainability Strategy. AFEA has integrated CSR & Sustainable Development principles and values to its strategy and implements them in its daily operations. Furthermore, AFEA actively supports the integration of sustainable business practices in the tourism industry by offering services that benefit society and the environment, such as Sustainable Events. 
Despite the challenges faced, we continued supporting in practice the UNGC’s ten principles regarding human rights, labor, environment and anti-corruption, in addition to the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals, contributing this way to the sustainability agenda.

Mrs. Dimitra Lygnou, AFEA, Deputy CEO of AFEA , commented:
"This Silver EcoVadis Medal and  Recognition comes as a result to our commitment to implement responsible business practices with a view to Sustainable Development and Corporate Social Responsibility, especially in challenging times such as during the COVID-19 pandemic period.  In the next period, we will continue to operate based on our values, actively supporting further integration of sustainable business practices in the tourism and meetings industry and offering services that benefit society and the environment."