AFEA & CSR Hellas win the 2021 IAPCO Driving Excellence Collaboration Award on Sustainability Actions


AFEA & CSR Hellas were awarded for their contribution to the effort to promote Sustainability principles in Meetings and Tourism and in all economic activities related to the industry (organization of events, conferences, etc.). The trophy celebrates partnerships that bring excellence to the meetings industry. 


CSR HELLAS and AFEA partnership was awarded with the 2021 IAPCO Excellence Collaboration Award for their contribution to the promotion of sustainability issues in the Tourism and Meetings Industry. The award ceremony took place in the vibrant settings of the newly opened Moco Museum in Barcelona during IBTM Leaders’ Summit in November 2021. IAPCO currently represents 138 companies and 10,300 professional conference organizers, meeting organizers and coordinators of international and national conferences, meetings and events from 40 countries worldwide.


With the aim to increase awareness on Sustainability issues, AFEA developed the “Sustainable Events” organization service (SDGs 12,8,3,2). Other actions that took place before the pandemic included contributions in philanthropic actions, support for the CSR Summer School, speaking engagements and mentorship.


During the pandemic, CSR Hellas & AFEA joined forces with the aim to further raise awareness around CSR issues, with a series of webinars for the tourism and meetings industry, which was attended by top officials. Overall, the partnership created further awareness on sustainability on national level, wide promotion of all events on the national Media, interviews, education and transfer of knowledge about the need to integrate and empower Sustainable Development to all member companies and executives of Industry Associations. AFEA and CSR are pursuing their collaboration towards the organization of further actions and with the aim to further boost the awareness around Sustainable Development and to expand an inspirational long-term partnership with the aim to increase sustainability awareness and actions in the Greek meetings industry.


Sissi Lygnou, CEO AFEA: “We are extremely happy and proud as this award gives us the opportunity to highlight the importance of a valued, long-term collaboration with the network of CSR Hellas, as well as to empower our efforts in creating a greater awareness on the key role of sustainable development in our Industry. As active IAPCO Members, we invest in partnerships which contribute to the shaping of a more sustainable future in the Meetings Industry. We would like to thank IAPCO for the chance to showcase our vision in this aspect and for honouring us with this award. We are grateful to have joined forces with the management team of CSR Hellas, who believed in this project from the very beginning and supported us in our efforts to create more awareness on sustainable development in the national Meetings Industry through a series of successful actions. We at AFEA sincerely hope that this collaboration will bring inspiration to more stakeholders of the Tourism & Meetings Industry and will lead to greater actions in the context of the 2030 Agenda towards a more sustainable future.”


Ariadne Stagkou-Bell, CSR & Communication Specialist, CSR HELLAS: “CSR HELLAS is a firm supporter of collective action in the context of the 2030 Agenda, prioritizing the creation of partnerships, particularly with SMEs, for the mutual pursuit of the Sustainable Development Goals and, more broadly, the European Commission’s ambitious sustainability policy. It is an illusion to think that all progress on this route depends on, and concerns only, large multinational companies; the transition to a new reality requires the involvement and cooperation of all, particularly in the Greek context, where the majority of human capital is employed by small and medium enterprises. A big congratulations to the AFEA team for daring to get involved in such an important field, leading by example and encouraging other companies, particularly in the tourism sector, to pursue the sustainability journey. Sustainability is the only future for everyone and recognizing the value of partnering up with diverse stakeholders provides us with the know-how and skillset to transform this challenge into a fruitful opportunity.”


Since 2017, AFEA has integrated Corporate Social Responsibility in the organization’s strategy. AFEA has become a signatory of the United Nations Global Compact, the international initiative of the United Nations, which calls companies to take action towards the protection of labor and human rights, environmental protection and anti-corruption. During 2019 and 2018, AFEA incorporated the 10 principles of the United Nations Global Compact (UNGC), declared its support to them and integrated them in the organization’s strategic plan. In the effort to go a step further, the company decided to join the CSR Hellas Network with the aim to collaborate and invest further in the creation of awareness around CSR, as well as to integrate its principles in the design and implementation of events worldwide.


CSR HELLAS is a dynamic network of businesses that act as leaders in the shaping of new and innovative entrepreneurial practices, contributing to sustainable development and value creation for all shareholders, employees, clients, suppliers, the local community, and environment, as well as the Greek economy and society at large. It is part of the wider European Network of CSR Europe.


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